Demonstrated Performance

Office 365 Deployment

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Expedited Transition to the Cloud

Indigo IT was called upon to complete the migration of roughly 35,000 users from a managed Email as a Service solution to Microsoft Office 365 (O365) Exchange Online for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). With the expectation to complete the migration to the cloud - breaking hybrid within 5 months - Indigo IT reviewed USCIS's plan, provided recommended changes, and executed the migration ahead of schedule. In addition to coordination with the customer, our migration necessitated close coordination with two additional vendors who had performed a pilot migration prior to our team’s arrival and were instrumental in handling the back-end components of the migration.

Organization, Communication, and Flexibility

Indigo IT worked with two large contractors and the government team to develop processes for communication and create hand off points based on milestones in the migration. Organization, communication, and flexibility were key to meeting USCIS's timeline. This organization allowed all teams to work seamlessly, creating a partnership and eliminating redundancies through a simplification of processes and meetings. We also utilized Microsoft Teams for tracking and communicating tasks across all of the teams, providing increased usage and visibility of additional O365 tools, which are to be implemented across USCIS in the future.

Reach-Back to Expertise

Indigo IT brings best practices and applies lessons learned from more than 20 years of Enterprise email build and migration experience when addressing the needs of our customers. One of these best practices is our matrixed approach to staffing, which allows us to leverage expert-level engineering assets from across the company. This matrixed approach allows our team to call on engineers with specific subject matter expertise as needed, preventing knowledge gaps, potential underutilization of resources, and redundancies. This translates into high value, cost effective results.