Demonstrated Performance

Multi-Source Data Visualization

Federal Regulatory Agency
Public Data Visualization in a Centralized Location

The Division of Corporate Finance within a Federal Regulatory Agency provides investors with information needed to make informed investment decisions for the Agency. The Division also provides guidance to companies on agency rules and forms and proposes new and revised rules to the Commission. Given their responsibilities, the Division needed a way for the Director to see metrics of their internal review and tracking system, while also presenting publicly available information for IPOs, corporate stocks, and targeted finance/agency news.

Proof of Concept to Product in a Month

Indigo IT developed a dashboard to aggregate this disparate data and provide the Director with an efficient way to review and make real-time decisions based on all of the information at hand. With a tight timeline to present a proof of concept to the Director, our team gathered the requirements and analyzed the internal data to be presented by leveraging the Microsoft Power BI platform. Indigo IT performed additional server and application configurations and built an automated data retrieval dashboard. This dashboard retrieves and aggregates financial data available from internal and public sources. We delivered the initial proof of concept in one week, implemented changes following user feedback and testing, and delivered the final platform in less than a month.

Leverage Existing Technology for Future Extensibility

By Leveraging the Power BI platform, the Team successfully and measurably reduced turnaround time on development implementations for the Division of Corporate Finance. We also focused on extensibility to ensure future-readiness of the platform for other dashboard needs. This implementation brought about efficiencies resulting in cost savings, improved application flexibility, and support for a wide range of users across the entire agency.