Demonstrated Performance

Help Desk Support for 100% Shift to Telework

Federal Regulatory Agency
Seamless Continuity

Indigo IT provides a fully managed, customer-facing IT Help Desk to support the mission of a Federal Financial Regulatory agency. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all staff, including the Indigo IT Help Desk, were mandated to shift with little notice to 100% telework. Many of the federal employees and contractors were not prepared from both a hardware and software perspective for this unanticipated shift to telework.

Pivoting to Remote Support During Pandemic

The Help Desk shifted from working on-site to working remotely using laptops, cell phones, remote collaboration and desktop tools; successfully managing an increase of more than 25% in ticket volume while minimizing escalations and reducing resolution times. The Help Desk followed several ITSM best practices for handling requests for help, service, and changes by prioritizing tickets according to impact and urgency. Targeted implementation of workflow automation capabilities, streamlined process execution and optimized service delivery led to decreased response and resolution times. The increased utilization of dashboards and reporting capabilities provided insight into performance metrics and offered improvement opportunities to critical success factors on an ongoing basis.

Exceeding Expectations

While operating remotely, the Indigo IT Help Desk provided continuous hardware and software support to the entirety of the agency’s geographically dispersed users, while exceeding their service level quality targets. Despite the logistical challenges faced by the IT Help Desk, we continued to accommodate the agency’s increased need for support. The Indigo IT team has earned a 98% customer satisfaction rate from users across the agency throughout the telework mandate. Users have cited our ability to quickly shift Help Desk operational capabilities from on-site to remote support, with no interruption to the Agency’s mission, as the primary reason for this satisfaction rating.