Meeting the Technology Challenges at Hand

Indigo IT was founded in 2001 by Rob Craig and Shane Van Wyngaardt with the goal of delivering outstanding IT professional services supporting IT infrastructure requirements. No matter the technical or customer service challenge, their goal was to provide quick, effective solutions. Their can-do attitudes, combined with exceptional skills, education, and experience, immediately started producing results for customers. Over time, their professional services evolved from the “rack and stack” of data center work to focusing more on solving business challenges through technology and creative problem solving.

IT Professional services

In 2003, Denise Garcia Van Wyngaardt became Indigo IT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President. As CEO, she is principally engaged in outreach activities with customers, partners, and industry to help ensure the relevance, currency, and excellence of Indigo IT’s solutions and services. Her dynamic leadership and strategic thinking has led Indigo IT to become a leader in the information technology arena.

Today, Indigo IT is committed to finding the best possible ways to meet the technology challenges at hand. This commitment has shaped Indigo IT into an award-winning provider of IT professional services focused on enabling government Cloud initiatives and process-based IT O&M support in an ISO 20000 framework. In 2014, Indigo IT was awarded the Small Business Administration (SBA) National Prime Contractor of the Year for its work supporting the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).